About Us

About us

The Mentor and Support Program provides services to young people with mental illness. The service is between a Mentor and a young person for the purpose of reducing risk of harm or problem behaviours and improved personal development. The program seeks to be culturally competent and meet the needs of Aboriginal young people.

For the purpose of engagement the appearance of the program is an adventure, recreation and athletics program for young people – something cool and fun, the Mentor is someone who the young person can easily connect with, a young person who may have overcome similar challenges.

The program supports the young person to develop their own strategies for:

  • Support planning and goal setting
  • Personal development, risk mitigation, capacity building and coping skills
  • Daily living, practical support and crisis management

The Mentor supports the young person to reduce their own risk factors, build strengths and equip themselves with knowledge, skills and resources required for a good life.


The objectives of the program are to help young people reduce risk of harm or problem behaviours toward a good life. Specifically, the program seeks to:

  • Assist young people to identify their own strengths and identify protective factors in their lives
  • Empower young people to build capabilities and protective strengths toward a good life
  • Support young people to identify and reduce risk factors/triggers and implement strategies to reduce the risk of future risk behaviours