NDIS Registered Groups

 Intensive Support is a registered NDIS provider and can deliver
the following supports to scheme participants,

-Support Co-ordination (0132)

-Assistance to Access and Maintain Employment or higher
education [Assist Access/Maintain Employ] (102)

-Development of Daily Living and Life Skills
[Development-Life Skills] (117)

-Daily Personal Activities (107)

-Assistance with daily life tasks in a group or shared
living arrangement [Daily Tasks/Shared Living] (115)

-Participation in community, social and civic
activities[Participate Community] (125)

-Group and Centre Based Activities [Group/Centre
Activities] (136)

-Assistance in coordinating or managing life stages,
transition and supports [Assist-Life Stage, Transition] (106)

-Specialised Supported Employment (133)

-Accommodation/Tenancy Assistance
[Accommodation/Tenancy] (101)

-Assistance with Travel/Transport arrangements (108)

-Innovative Community Participation (116)

-Therapeutic supports (128)

-Exercise Physiology & Personal Well-being Activities
[Ex Phys Pers Training] (126)

Intensive Support provides the following NDIS support categories to scheme participants,

-Assistance with Daily Living (Support Category 1.01)

-Assistance with
Social and Community Participation (Support Category 1.04)


-Support Coordination (Support Category 3.07)

-Increased Social and Community Participation (Support Category 3.09)

-Improved Living Arrangements (Support Category 3.08)

-Finding and Keeping a Job (Support Category 3.10)

-School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES) (Support Category 3.10)

-Improved Relationships (Support Category 3.11)

-Improved Health & Wellbeing (Support Category 3.12)

-Improved Learning (Support Category 3.13)

-Improved Life Choices (Support Category 3.14)

-Improved Daily Living (Support Category 3.15

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