The Mentor

The Mentor is a case management specialist who has extensive experience working with young people on statutory orders including justice, child protection
and out-of-home care who present with significant risk factors and high-risk behaviours. The Mentor is responsible for the planning, leadership, organisation
and control of the Mentor and Support program and implementation of the strategies that will help the young person reduce risk of harm or problem behaviours
and work toward a good life. The Mentor has the following qualities to best support the young person:

  • Compassion, kindness and understanding to connect
  • Strength and patience to facilitate robust support and focused learning
  • Calm to support the Young Person through crisis and ‘tough times’
  • Communication skills to help the young person mitigate risk and develop capacity
  • Commitment and resilience to continue until the young person succeeds
The Mentor has a rich and developed understanding of the plans to be made, risk factors to address, capacities to build, skills to develop, barriers to overcome,
problems to deal with, crisis to overcome, beliefs/feelings/attitudes to change, and goals to achieve in order to support the young person to overcome
risk of harm or problem behaviours. A team of professionals support the Mentor and work with the young person including social worker, psychologist and peer-support
work to help the young person to transform their negative thoughts, feelings and behaviour. An in-house personal trainer, yoga teacher and nutritionist inspire the young
person toward good physical and mental health.

A number of engagement strategies are implemented by the Mentor to attract the young person to the program and maintain participation including:

  • The development of a positive role model relationship based upon empathy and respect
  • The application of adventure, recreation and athletic activities
  • A continued focus upon the positive expectation of a good life
  • Compassionate, warm, and trustworthy Mentors and support workers who care about the young person.
The program identifies the young person as the chief agent of change, the single most important factor in planning and most influential contributor to a successful outcome.
The Young Person is the centre of the program at all times.