NDIS Access Request and Planning

We Help Young People to Access the NDIS

Accessing the National Disability Insurance Scheme has been compared to navigating a ‘bureaucratic maze’. Experts*say bureaucracy and administrative issues have blocked access. Young People who are eligible for the NDIS are at risk of missing out because they have neither the literacy, nor the health literacy, to complete the documentation required.


Intensive Support P/L is a Department of Communities and Justice contracted agency. We help Young People with cognitive disabilities and/or mental health disorders, who are leaving care complete the documentation and access the scheme.


*Understand the NDIS

Intensive Support helps the Young Person understand the NDIS. We help the Young Person:

·       Learn about the NDIS

·       Decide whether to apply for the NDIS

·       Access the NDIS


*Plan (funding)

If the Young Person is accepted to the NDIS Intensive Support helps the Young Person develop and secure their ‘Plan’ or funding. We support the Young Person to:

·       Prepare for the planning meeting

·       Complete the NDIS pre-planning booklet

·       Attend the planning meeting to create the plan


*Use the NDIS plan

Once the Young Person receives the approved plan Intensive Support assists by helping the Young Person

·       Understand what’s in the plan

·       Learn how to use the plan

·       Choose and manage supports and services



NDIS Registered Groups



Intensive Support is a registered NDIS provider and delivers the following core and capacity building supports,


-Assistance with Daily Living (Support Category 1.01)

-Assistance with
Social and Community Participation (Support Category 1.04)



-Support Coordination (Support Category 3.07)

-Increased Social and Community Participation (Support Category 3.09)

-Improved Living Arrangements (Support Category 3.08)

-Finding and Keeping a Job (Support Category 3.10)

-School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES) (Support Category 3.10)

-Improved Relationships (Support Category 3.11)

-Improved Health & Wellbeing (Support Category 3.12)

-Improved Learning (Support Category 3.13)

-Improved Life Choices (Support Category 3.14)

-Improved Daily Living (Support Category 3.15


For further information contact the intake officer on 02 91441447.



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