Personal Development

The program has a strong emphasis on personal development activities that connect the young person to community including sport, the arts and culture.
To address unmet need the support plan is developed to increase personal functioning and development. The plan specifically addresses:

  • Welfare, accommodation, justice compliance and material aid
  • Physical and mental health coordination, substance use management
  • Calm to support the Young Person through crisis and ‘tough times’
  • Education and employment
  • Family and peer connection and inclusion
  • Self-esteem and confidence
The development of the plan may include consulting, family, extended kin networks and community members and may include members of local Aboriginal
and cultural communities in the planning and implementation of the plan.

The program is concerned with the Young Person’s formulation of ‘good life’ goals that endeavour to equip Young Persons with knowledge, skills and resources
to satisfy life values including:

  • Healthy living and functioning – feeling good
  • Freedom from emotional turmoil and stress
  • Familial, romantic and intimate relationships
  • Knowledge and creativity
  • Excellence in work and play
The program is a strengths based approach which emphasises the need to build capabilities and strengths.